EnglishRomanian (Republic of Moldova)Hindi

Doja Cat - Trauma

Elephante - Otherside (feat. Nevve)

Bach Suite V, Sarabande

Jutes - Notice Me

"Timeless" Violin solo over a cello sound bed. Music for meditation

Sevn Thomas - Can't Sleep Alone (ft. NYNE)

2 hour focus studying cello music 432 hz concentrating homework

LP - Lost On You (legendado)

Kane Strang - My smile is extinct (legendado)

Chouchou - Teardrop

Mariana Aydar - Palavras Não Falam

"Emotive Energy" Music to familiarize yourself with, for grounding, all cello and piano

REI AMI - SNOWCONE (legendado)

One Hope - 1001

lifeitself.mov (graphic imagery) #blacklivesmatter A cello interpretation

"Expression" Cello and Piano for relaxation, massage, uplifting music

Cypriot Vibez x The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence

Lolo Zouaï - High Highs to Low Lows (prod. by Stelios)

Sweet Georgia Brown Jesse Maw fiddle cello bass

Adele - Make You Feel my Love cello vocal cover

Taba Chake - Walk With Me (legendado)

Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be

Calm #4, "Sound Journey" Cello and Piano, for pure listening...

Astrid Holiday - New Beginning (legendado)

228k - When It's Cold Outside

"Mountains" Soothing Cello music for stress relief, emotional

MARO - Still Feel It All (legendado)

Rochelle Jordan - Day Ones (reallyraw Edit)

Aaryan Shah - Demon Time


Evolution of a Lament Part 16 - On the Road

SOKOS - Can U Handle What I Feel (MYSTXRIVL FLIP)

mehro - chance with you (Kina Remix)

cøzybøy x Snøw - up so late

Foals - Lonely Hunter (legendado)

Jimmy Collins - Down

Priscilla Ahn - Fine On The Outside (legendado)

Felicity - Purple sky // Hazey

Tension and Release, a cello ensemble (original)

The Flashbulb - Nothing Is Real (Full Album Mix)

Łaszewo x Playyard - Close

Cello - Music to lose yourself to. Anxiety and stress relief

Donovan's Playground & Pink Palace - Someone To Hold (feat Delilah Brao)

WYLN - Dat Girl

Projeto Rivera - O que você Plantei

PLAZA - Wanting You

Blackbear - IDFC (Acoustic Version)

Enya - Aniron (PURPLE Remix)

JOY. - Same Place

Brandon Banks - R.T.B.

REAPER - funeral

Wind and Birds - Cello music to sleep, relaxation and calm. Nature series #1

RUNN - Better

Tony Anderson - Journey

B3LLA x Yonexx - Fragile

Music to Fall Asleep to, #6 cello to relieve anxiety, for background

Daniel de Bourg - She Know How

Bronze Whale - Say It (BAILE Remix)

Janine And The Mixtape - Dark Mind

MALO - Mimo’s Theme

David Stewart - Scream More

Tiara Thomas - Touch Me Tease Me

J.O.Y - Smoke

IHF & Transviolet - Happiness and Pleasure

12AM - Save Me

EMBRZ - Be Mine

MitiS - Embers (feat. SubLion & PRXZM)

July 7 - Talk To Me

"Stillness" Cello, forest sounds, birds, water ambient 432 hz music nature series #6

Aoyoru x Djouher - Always On My Mind (legendado)

ELHIXIR - Last Prayer

Lewis Blissett - Sick Thoughts (legendado)

Rosenfeld - Like U (lyric video)

Amarante - Passion (legendado)

Tristan Kenneth - Faded (prod. by JMG)

Emmit Fenn - Edge of the Dark (lyrics)

Wildhood - Where Have You Been ? (FS&HG Remix)

¥EN - Say My Name

Vinsint - Kinky

Shallou & Emmit Fenn - All Your Days

Croosh - Hollywood

Vanic - Intro

gnash [ft. ben abraham] - dear insecurity (legendado)

Dabin & Nurko - When This Is Over (feat. Donovan Woods)

craset & gℓo - she is light

SYML - Connor

Yuppycult - Anxious

Sickick - Catch Feelings

JANEE - Intro

Daughter - Love (BAILE Remix)

Layto - To The Side (lyrics)

Jarell Perry - Own It (Drake Cover)

Ultimate Yin Yoga - to release stress, anxiety with cello

SYML - I Wanted To Leave

"Close your Eyes" Cello music to drift off, think, do homework, work.

"Rounded Edges" Soft cello for sleep. Delta isochronic tones. 432 hz

2X2A - We Were In Love

6LACK - Worst Luck

One Republic Secrets cello sheet music

Cellocide: In the memory of Lilith

Teflon Sega - FRZZN 2.0 (prod. by Harrison First)