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Doja Cat - Trauma

half·alive - Hot Tea (lyrics)

TARI - Go Home (feat. Karlyn)

Life as an abstract - cello and violin meditation (revised audio)

Baiana System - Invisível

Kayeandre - Too Much

Alice Phoebe Lou - Society (legendado)

Emmit Fenn - Far From Here (Album Mix)

Rocketman - Tremblin' (legendado)

"New Traditions" A journey - music created with only the sounds of the cello

SWIM - Trust

285 hz - the healing frequency, ground yourself meditation, dna, cello

AURORA - Soft Universe (legendado)

Tom Misch - Movie (legendado)

hyukoh (혁오) - Gondry (legendado)

Bryson Tiller - Don't (DonB cover)

Always Never - Wylin'

Taska Black - In Your Eyes (feat. Ayelle) [lyric video]

DonB - Like I Do

Fármacos - Quiero conocer tu mundo (legendado)

Leon Thomas - Too Long (Snippet)

Calm #3, A pure cello soundscape, meditation music

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence - cello cover carols in 432 hz

Parov Stelar [ft. Graham Candy] - The Sun (legendado)

Music to Fall Asleep to, #6 cello to relieve anxiety, for background

Will Wildfire - Lake House (Interlude)

Olive B - Playmate

Ginger & The Ghost - One Type of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

Taba Chake - Walk With Me (legendado)

Glass cello made by Gary Word

TÜLPA & BLANKTS - Blueblack

The Chainsmokers [ft. Winona Oak] - Hope (legendado)

Jadu Heart - I'm A Kid (legendado)

Covex - Not The Last Time

"Deep Resonance" For those who like the deep cello tones in music, Music for sleep, meditation

Catnip Cloud - Places (feat. Tiril Hognestad)

Nylo - Sirens

Jai Wolf - Moon Rider (feat. Wrabel) (OTR Remix)

"Walk Away" - Cello music as a calming effect, mediation

Vacant - Lagoon

San Holo - new one (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)

"Think, Nothing" Cello, gregorian, birds - Music for meditation

kim - call me by name

Regenerative Spiritual Reset ✧ 111Hz, 222Hz, 444Hz, 888Hz ✧ Deep Healing Meditation

Koda - The Last Stand

David Steward - Girlfriend

My Favorite Things

Kilter - Overdrive (feat. Yorke)

Liamere - Restless

The Unlikely Candidates - Novocaine (legendado)

ZHU - Faded (ODESZA Remix)

Sister - The Nixons cover cello and guitar

Windows - A composition of a hopeful Future. (free download)

Azad - Ready (prod. by Stwo)

Evolution of a Lament. Part 13. Don't mourn for me, my Southern Cross

Echos & Nightcall - Rainfall

Calm #9, dark, low, cello. Black screen 3 hour piece to cleanse, dream....

PLAZA - Wanting You

Yuppycult - Love Me Right

Illenium - Beautiful Creatures (Julien Marchal Rework)

Stalgia - Nomad

Ja¥en x District - Float

Pip Millett - Make Me Cry (legendado)

Jakoban & D!avolo - Stay (feat. Gaby Henshaw)

Kaskade - Winter Wonderland

Hearts & Colors - F**k It Up

Madson Project - No Longer In My Head

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (legendado)

Hanne Mjøen - Hell With You (lyrics)

Sidewalks and Skeletons x Alex Zelenka x Pure Trick - Disorder, Chaos, and Harmony

XXXTENTACION - Depression & Obsession (legendado)

EBEN & Meggie York - Wait For Us

Omar Rudberg - Mi Casa Su Casa (legendado)

Sam Kim - Touch my body (legendado)

Cícero - Falso Azul

Not everything is peaceful. Break the Silence

Amy Stroup - In the Shadows (legendado)

Best Music Mix 2020 🍂 Gaming Music, NoCopyrightSounds 🍂 Trap, House, Dubstep, EDM

Nsolo - Hush

10 Hours of Sad Cello, Part 3, Music for processing.

Shelta - Thinking About You

Lazyboy Empire - Vampire (legendado)

Cello music, Gregorian chant 432 hz

Arian Emini x Clasio - Heart & Soul (Lyric Video)

Tennyson - Fault Line

SVRCINA - Who Are You? (legendado)

"Serene assembly" - Music for Insomnia, 3 hours of sleep music, relaxation 432 hz

"Rain Dance" A short cello piece

Kevin Clarke - Ill

Valerie Broussard - Killer (legendado)

Panic! At The Disco - Crazy = Genius (legendado)

f.erro - broken

"Endless Dreams" Music for Love, for Sleep, Isochronic tones for relaxation, lucid dreams 432 hz

BRONSON - KNOW ME (feat. Gallant)

Birdy - People Help the People (legendado)

Kai Wachi - Photograph (feat. Claudia Bouvette)

Isochronic Beats Cello Alpha waves 10 hz - Natural tones to boost serotonin

PALAYE ROYALE - Anxiety (legendado)

I am right and you are wrong!

Tim Bernardes - Recomeçar

GINEVRA - FOREST (legendado)