Doja Cat - Trauma

EMBRZ - Letting Go

ODESZA - Falls (feat. Sasha Sloan) (Reprise)

Aiona - insAne

Elhixir - Forbidden Kiss

SoMo - First

DROELOE x San Holo - Lines of the Broken (feat. CUT_)

Dabin - Youth (feat. Yoe Mase)

Krisbeatz - Forever

Brent Faiyaz - Poison (prod. by Ben Free)

Zuri Akoko - Persian Rugs (PARTYNEXTDOOR Cover)

William Bolton - Running Away (lyrics)

Dabin - Lights (feat. Trove)

Hahlweg & Koste - Groundhog Day


639 hertz - reconnecting. balancing and attracting love, relationships, positive energy

Kill Paris - Keep Your Secrets In Midnight City

Max + Johann x Paratone - Thank You (TikTok Edit)

XELΛRΛIN - Needing You (ft. Zvne & Dsymmetry)

MICHL - Die Trying

Natural binaural beats with low cello melody

Kidnap - Grow (feat. Leo Stannard)

Adrian Daniel - Nights

Eterno Invierno del Alma, ft. Jesse Ahmann

Brett Barron - Let Me Know (prod. by The Siinergy)

MILA + BC KINGDOM - Menagerie

Chouchou - Teardrop

"Soft Ensemble" Beautiful Relaxing Music, Cello orchestra, pizzicato, meditation

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence - cello cover carols in 432 hz

Life as an abstract - cello and violin meditation (revised audio)

Fytch - Apogee

Khamsin - Over

Can we just go somewhere and chill?

3 hours of music for Cats part 3 of 4. Relaxation for Cats and Kittens.

Emmit Fenn - Blinded (Emmit Fenn Remix)

2 Man Embassy - Here (feat. Silent Child) (Levity Remix)

The noise around us - cello over the sounds of life

Johnny Rain - Mulholland Drive, My Abyss

Ookpik Waltz Fiddle and Cello

Direct - Figures

Etherwood - Away From It All

Xan Griffin - Pisces (feat. Lilianna Wilde)

Sappheiros - Falling (Ft. eSoreni)

hijmer - lost

Emmit Fenn - I Can't Believe I Had You

Aiona - Numb


Tone Raps - Sunday

SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS feat. Elka Nephele - Hollow

"Cello in a Black Hole" A soundtrack of science 432 hz, ambient music

Stay Over - Happy (lyrics)

Doctrine - Play

MitiS - Embers (feat. SubLion & PRXZM)

Mickey Valen - My Mind (feat. Emily Vaughn) (lyrics)

Powerful healing theta binaural, brain power, focus music to Part 4

BRONSON - KNOW ME (feat. Gallant)

O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Cello plainsong

Shallou & Emmit Fenn - All Your Days

Tinashe - Dreams Are Real

Cypriot Vibez x The Weeknd - Echoes of Silence

Kazukii - Save Me (feat. Dianna)

half·alive - Hot Tea (lyrics)

Rendezvous At Two - Replay

Hurrian hymn to Nikkal - the oldest piece (song) written down

Leon Thomas - All For Me (prod. by Anonymous)

Taska Black - Too Small For The World (feat. Lizzy Land)

My favourite songs of January 2020

Solo - 12:00

Artie J - A Broken Promise (prod. by Vinny)

Yoe Mase - AUSOC (Album Mix)

AWAY x Echos - Ritual (lyrics)

"Rings" Cello and Mandola for deep sleep. Delta isochronic tones. 432 hz

Arrested Youth - Leave My Casket Open... (SMLE Remix)

Mazde - Gone

Said The Sky x Dabin - Superstar (feat. Linn)

Aaryan Shah - Everything That You Made Me

741 hertz - Solving problems, music for simplicity, cleansing, stability.

TCVVX - Whatchu Want

EDEN - drugs

Theta binaural for depression and anxiety. Cello ambiance 432 hz Part 3

Hanz x Hiyo - Fighting

Evolution of a Lament. Part 9 State of the Union

PLAZA - Water

JUWN - Lose Myself

Danny Olson x David Frank - The Far Side

Virtue - Finest Days

E.lementaL - Where I Go

Gustavo Bravetti - Babel

Geo - Don't let me

10 hours of Music to Fall Asleep to 432 hz, cello meditation, sleep

Credit - Hearts & Minds

Michael Francis feat. Cito On The Beat - Work On You

11:11 - Listen (prod. by Akeel)

Crystal Skies - On My Own (feat. Satellite Empire)

Sister - The Nixons cover cello and guitar

Sweeep x Alivvve - Last Night (mastered by gℓo)

Sánt - I'm Yours

DROELOE - Panorama


Taska Black - Losing Our Minds (feat. Nevve)

Monsters With Tiny Mustaches - Girl