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Major Lazer - Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic Remix)

WOLFE, Spritely & who's sem - Skeletons (lyrics)

Daniel Di Angelo - Temptations (Lyrics)

Kareen Lomax - Hard Feelings (Lyrics)

WE ARE FURY - Sad Story (feat. Heather Sommer)

October 2020 Favourites

kim - call me by name

Eyes On Fire

Møme - Playground

Phephi – Someone Else (prod. by AC)

Randy Haddok - Meditação (legendado)

Vanguart - Demorou Pra Ser

PLÜM - Help Me

Stwo - With You

innerbloom - us, forever ago

Amy Stroup - In the Shadows (legendado)

The Midnight - Shadows (Uppermost Remix)

Margari's Kid - Quenching

Missio - Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea (legendado)

3 hours of Music for Cats. Part 1 of 4. Calm your cat, relax, reduce anxiety 432 hz

Moby Rich - Oil Spill (legendado)

Coopex, EBEN, Sarah de Warren - Bad Dream (Magic Free Release)

Leon Thomas - All For Me (prod. by Anonymous)

Samueliez - Let It All Go (ft. GRCE)(Lyrics)

Sublab & Imallryt - Next to Me

ayroh - Dark Side

Kiki Rowe - Go Getta feat. Maino

Creepa & Inverness - Up

DonB - Like I Do

Darci - Arts and Crafts

Cello in Space: music for the background, to let go of depression

PLS&TY - Feeling Forever

OffBeatKid - I Miss You

Fly me to the Moon (cello cover)

Nobu Woods - Depends (Lyrics)

alivvve - Nothing

Alec Benjamin - Wrinkles (legendado)

Dabin x MYRNE - Again

EMM - Freedom

SoMo - First

Yoe Mase - Fated

Danny Olson x David Frank - The Far Side


Aaryan Shah - Intoxicated (slowed + reverb + lyrics)

Foals - Lonely Hunter (legendado)

Sleeping At Last - Silhouettes (legendado)

Carlie Hanson - Numb (legendado)

"Rings" Cello and Mandola for deep sleep. Delta isochronic tones. 432 hz

KRNE x Ghasper - Fake Friends

Portwave - Your Eyes

UMI - Remember Me (legendado)

Justin Garner - Flames

Arian Emini x Clasio - Heart & Soul (Lyric Video)

Easy Life - Nightmares (legendado)

MitiS x Crystal Skies - Wait (feat. Monika Santucci)

Unlike Pluto - Sanity

grandson - Best Friends (legendado)

Desta French - Señor (legendado)

Moodshift - Heartless (feat. Oliver Nelson, Lucas Nord & flyckt)

AURORA - Infections Of A Different Kind (legendado)

Evolution of a Lament. Part 13. Don't mourn for me, my Southern Cross

eery - Her

anders - With Or Without

Darci - Ghostly

Maya Mae - Leave Me Alone (Lyrics)

ISLAND - The Day I Die (legendado)

Duskus - Holding U

Daniel Di Angelo - Backseat (slowed + reverb + lyrics)

Rhodz - Carry On

Jane XØ - I Don't Wanna

Vacant - Lagoon

Adam Jensen - Street Fight

The Score - Stay (legendado)

J.Y. feat. Michael Francis - Pose For Me (prod. by KB and B-Beck)

A short song of intrigue. Into a mystical realm. Cello music. A tone poem.

Jade Omari - Believe Me (prod. by 3astman x Sensu)

Aaryan Shah - Still Alive

Harrison - Flatlining

The Chainsmokers [ft. Winona Oak] - Hope (legendado)

Billie Eilish [PatrickReza Remix] - bad guy (legendado)

Low cello melody for relaxation. simple life

Stormzy - Shutup (Vassh & Haven VIP)

Unlike Pluto - I Need A Win (legendado)

Sani Knight - Dark Place (Lyrics)

Ponette - wtf (Official Music Video)

20 minute meditation, Bassoon, with wind and storm 4k video 432 hz Part 4

"River Fantasy" Pure Cello for sleep with soft river sounds and video, background music

Dama en la Niebla Spanish Bagpipes and Cello

orphan king - When I'm Alone

Emmit Fenn - Edge of the Dark (lyrics)

Pendulum - The Island, Part 1 (Skrillex Remix)

SOKOS - Can U Handle What I Feel (MYSTXRIVL FLIP)

Kidnap - Grow (feat. Leo Stannard)

Felicity - Purple sky // Hazey

George Michael - "Praying for Time" cover by Aaron English and Jesse Ahmann

Natural Delta 3 hz binaural beats, with cello Gregorian ambiance.

daze - come back to me

Lizzo - Juice (legendado)

RUNN - Dreams (lyrics)

JOY. x Dopamine x Manu Crook$ - Run

Sam Kim - Seattle (legendado)