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Major Lazer - Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic Remix)

Emotional Surrender - a guided meditation with Kim Carmen Walsh. slowing thoughts, anxiety

verzache - Juvenescence (legendado)

Yo Trane - Let Me In

Dxvn. - Catch Me (slowed + reverb)

Ivoryghost - Obscure

Man Cub - Breathe Again

Daughter - Love (BAILE Remix)

The Greeting Committee - Elise (legendado)

Echos & Nightcall - Rainfall

NICOLOSI - Wasted Time

Sublab & Imallryt - Next to Me

Lule - BOSS (Tinashe Remix)

"Rise Above the Conversation," Cello music as Enlightenment

SYML - I Wanted To Leave

Tim Bernardes - Tanto Faz

Anfa Rose - I'm Good (prod. by DOPAM!NE)

Randy Haddok - Meditação (legendado)

EMBRZ - Lost In Translation

Kayeandre - Miss You

neoflesh - coffee breath (legendado)

Gidge - I Fell In Love

Fytch - Apogee

Janine And The Mixtape - Dark Mind

Kalin White - delete my #, forreal this time

anders - the days

Lane 8 - Red Lights (feat. Emmit Fenn)


Phoebe Ryan [ft. Blackbear] - Forgetting All About You (legendado)

Chu - Vapor

Bring Me The Horizon [cover] - when the party's over (legendado)

Dan Croll - From Nowhere (legendado)

Austin Hull - 100 Ways

A-Wall - Loverboy (San Holo Remix)

Krakota & Urbandawn - Laguna

Very low cello music with binaural effect, peaceful and mourning

DonB - Like I Do

All of Me jazz standard cello violin bass (our cover)

"Distant Echos" Cello for Sleep. Isochronic tones Delta waves. Deep problem solving. 432hz

Jakoban & D!avolo - Stay (feat. Gaby Henshaw)

Lewis Blissett - Sick Thoughts (legendado)

Jhameel - White Lie (legendado)

YVVRN - Let It Go

two:22 - turns my frown (legendado)

PLAZA - Water

Duskus - Holding U

Nobu Woods - Depends (Lyrics)

OXYBUZ - Lust (Lyrics)

Petit Biscuit [ft. JP Cooper] - We Were Young (legendado)

Andrew Luce & Alexander Lewis - Take Me (feat. Jojee)

Logan Chapman - Trip (Acoustic Version)

ATTIA - Heartbeats

Gill Chang - schizophrenia

Emmit Fenn - Light That Shines Through (Handbook Remix)

Jimmy Collins - Origin

Emmit Fenn - Moving On (CloZee Remix)

GZ feat. Lule - Yaya

"Sunset over Juan de Fuca" Original - cello and piano

Alembic - I fall in love _ too easily (legendado)

Mikky Ekko - We Must Be Killers (legendado)

Cello music, Gregorian chant 432 hz

"Longing" 10 hours Sad Cello part 4 music for background a rainy day, long day

Ella Isaacson - Nirvana

Creaky Jackals - High Tide (feat. WILD)

A Spiritual Journey - dark cello

Aoi Teshima- Lullaby Of Birdland (legendado)

"Deep Resonance" For those who like the deep cello tones in music, Music for sleep, meditation

Sorcer x Dontleaveme - Hear me now

Cymba & Victoria Rojas - The Forest

Skin Town - Mute

K.Flay - Giver (legendado)

Credit - Hearts & Minds

Lola Blanc - Angry Too (legendado)

Tristam - Truth (Dabin Remix)

Haunted Cello - with Athy the Electric Harpist

xander. - A Summer This Fine

PLAZA - Hold Up

Creepa & Inverness - Up

Twenty One Pilots - Ride (legendado)

daze - come back to me

Seven Lions & Jason Ross - See You Again (feat. Fiora)

Eloy x Mamie - Let Me Love You (Lyrics)

GAB - Not Yours (legendado)

528 hz - The tone of miracles, healing, creation, dna repair

Emilia Ali - Thick Thighs

Lithe - Said and Done (Lyrics)

Nick Alexandr - Not The Same (Lyrics)

Mishon - 6AM

Hippie Sabotage - Devil Eyes (legendado)

Forester - Hourglass

LVNDVN - Moonchasers

PLÜM - Nuit Blanche

Dabin - Bloom (feat. Dia Frampton)

Camille - Le Tour de France en Diligence (legendado)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee (legendado)

CRX - Broken Bones (legendado)

AURORA - Infections Of A Different Kind (legendado)

Ja¥en x District - Parallels

J.O.Y - My feelings on you

Phephi – Someone Else (prod. by AC)

A Sonic Bliss Bath - Cello, gongs, singing bowls, native flute, didgeridoo, bird sounds