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Major Lazer - Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic Remix)

Kazukii - Save Me (feat. Dianna)

Adrian Daniel - Nights

Brandon Banks - R.T.B.

Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence cover cello, guitar and vocals

Mia Vaile - American Dream (lyrics)

CABLE - What U R

Freddie Freeloader cello and guitar

Depression and the Key of G minor

Cello, for falling asleep (uplifting, happy version) 432 hz Part 2

xxBRIDGE - Who

Yoe Mase - I'm Only 27 But I Feel Like (Official Music Video)


TroyBoi - On My Own (feat. Nefera)

Powerful healing theta binaural, brain power, focus music to Part 4

Shallou & Emmit Fenn - All Your Days

Gjan - Not Afraid (legendado) [Nightcore]

No Sleep | A Chill Mix

Yoe Mase - Fated

Evolution of a Lament. Part 4 - Taming the Wolves

Two Friends - Hell (legendado)

6.AM - The Realest (prod. by 6.AM & The Theorist)

Juvon Taylor - Satisfaction

July 7 - Talk To Me

HONORS x Prismo - Broken (legendado)

Cello for Meditation gentle yoga music new age 432 hz

E. Alvin - See Me (Lyrics)

Mickey Valen & neverwaves - Falling On Your Sword (lyrics)

Kasket Club x Soul Gem - Miles Away

Sean Rowe - I'll Follow Your Trail (legendado)

Ead3n - Promise

Ja¥en x District - Moon Underwater (Lyrics)

Cícero - Conversa de Botas Batidas

PLAZA - Hold Up

Sweeep x Alivvve - Last Night (mastered by gℓo)

Kill Paris - The Walk

The Brothers Bright - Me and Mine (legendado)

Roza - Alone I Love (Lyrics)

PLS&TY - Feeling Forever

flatsound - they'll like me when i'm sick (legendado)

MIRA - Honey and Blood (Lyrics)

Shaker - Gemini

POSEY - Watch Me (ft. dev09) (Lyrics)

aftertheparty - The Rebound

BRONSON - KNOW ME (feat. Gallant)

Kim Kyung Hee - And I'm Here (legendado)

Noah Kahan - Please (legendado)

hijmer - stuck

Kerli - Mimicry

Sebi Ali - No More (Lyrics)

Jaymes Young - Two People (legendado)

Chris James - hey it's me (lyrics)

A short song of intrigue. Into a mystical realm. Cello music. A tone poem.


Happy Birthday song cello

XYLØ - Pretty Sad

Emmit Fenn & Shallou - Hollow

Khamsin - Over

Kina - i've changed for you (feat. Madson Project.)

SWIM - Trust

Eyes On Fire

My Favorite Things

Koste - Praying

Cécile Corbel - Vent frais (legendado)

Always Never - Don't Say It (Lyrics)

Mansionair - Astronaut (Something About Your Love) [legendado]

"New Traditions" A journey - music created with only the sounds of the cello

Madison Beer - Home With You (legendado)

The Weeknd - Earned It (cover by Travis Garland)

Ash Riser (cover) - You Know I'm No Good (legendado)

Kai Wachi - Photograph (feat. Claudia Bouvette)

Jeremy Zucker - all the kids are depressed (legendado)

Nicholas Bonnin - Nightmare (Lyrics)

MitiS x Crystal Skies - Wait (feat. Monika Santucci)

ShoJuen - Distance

Pure 432 hz cello long notes, haunting, black screen music

"A Quiet Heart" Sounds of a Waterfall and a Cello 432 hz meditation for loneliness Nature series #4

Underwater Cello

Teflon Sega - What I Thought You Knew (prod. COBRA)(Lyrics)

Doctrine - Play

CASHFORGOLD - i like it when i drown (Lyrics)

Illenium - Only One (feat. Nina Sung)

Tatiana feat. Shaker - Wrong Way Out

ELHIXIR - No Sense

Kazéangelo - Don't You...

Blues for Cruz (Don't beat your wife)

Shaker - Waiting (Lyrics)

mikey - your love (prod. by ghostrage)

WOLFE, Spritely & who's sem - Skeletons (lyrics)

Dxvn. - Boundaries (Lyrics)

Yoe Mase - Homeless


SYML - Where's My Love (EVEROUS Edit)

Scruffpuppie - ego (legendado)

Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (MAKJ Remix)

Essay - Find You (Sibewest Remix)

Evolution of a Lament. Part 17 - Love Liberates

Ja¥en x District - Parallels

Seven Lions & Jason Ross - See You Again (feat. Fiora)

EAD3N - Secrets

Abrax Phaeton - Can't Be Friends (prod. by Cresce)