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Major Lazer - Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic Remix)

The Blue Stones - Black Holes (Solid Ground) (legendado)

MAJIN – Wicked and Damned

Vance Joy - Riptide (legendado)

Ella Isaacson - Naked

Doja Cat - Woman (legendado)

Eloy x Kiki Beats - Keep On (Lyrics)

Finding Hope - Magazines

Mr FijiWiji - Let The Sky Fall Down

Matt Maeson - Hallucinogenics (legendado)

Hayd - Head In The Clouds (lyrics)

"Deep Resonance" For those who like the deep cello tones in music, Music for sleep, meditation

Gustavo Bravetti - Babel

10 hrs of "Cello by the Sea" ocean waves, music for meditation and peace

741 hz "Letting Go" Cleanse toxins, virus, bacteria boost creativity, find solutions, music

Dallon Weekes - Please Don't Jump [It's Christmas] (legendado)

Shaker - Temptations (Lyrics)

HONNE - Feels So Good (legendado)

Emmit Fenn - I Can't Believe I Had You

"Pure thought" Headphones only, Delta binaural beats and 432 hz frequency on cello

The Paper Kites - Nothing More Than That (legendado)

Rendezvous At Two - Paper Flowers

Aaryan Shah - Ruin My Night (slowed + reverb + lyrics)

Sean Rowe - I'll Follow Your Trail (legendado)

TwoWorldsApart - Letting Go

Bach Suite V, Sarabande

HSVN - Come & Go

Cello and Grief 396 hz, fade to black, music for healing, let go of fear

Taska Black - Too Small For The World (feat. Lizzy Land)

Aron Wright - Build It Better (legendado)

MALO - Mimo’s Theme

Dan Croll - From Nowhere (legendado)

Bia Ferreira - Cota Não É Esmola

Lenii - Regular 10

IHF & Transviolet - Happiness and Pleasure

The red brick sanctuary: Cello colors that surround you, comfort, background music

Awaken - The whole Solfeggio series on cello

Saint PHNX - Deadmen (legendado)

Ja¥en x District – i still hear your voice w/PYXI

The Neighbourhood feat. Raury - Warm

ak9 - New Life

Meditation to calm your mind, shut out the noise. 432 hz

Raphaella - Closure (ft. Nambyar)(Lyrics)

MIRA - Underneath (Lyrics)

hijmer - stuck

Gryffin & Seven Lions - Need Your Love (feat. Noah Kahan)

Hahlweg - In My Head (feat. Lexi Norton)

senn - Specter

Aoi Teshima- Lullaby Of Birdland (legendado)

Matt Maeson - Mr. Rattlebone (legendado)

Shirley Ellis -The Clapping Song (legendado)

Adorável Clichê - Eu Invisível

MitiS - Embers (feat. SubLion & PRXZM)

A microtone meditation using tones only from the cello. "Close Knit"

Krisbeatz - Touch it

Camille - Le Tour de France en Diligence (legendado)

yetep & Squired - Call It Quits (feat. Danni Cara)

Twenty7 - Stuck On You (Lyrics)

graves & Fytch - Exhale

E.lementaL - Where I Go

Galaxy Fingers - I Need Therapy (legendado)

Harrison First & AIYA - Don't Rush

Chirine - Can't Say No (Lyrics)

PLAZA - All Mine

No Sleep | A Chill Mix

Best Music Mix 2020 🍓 No Copyright EDM 🍓 Gaming Music Trap, House, Dubstep, bass

Illenium - That's Why (feat. GOLDN)

Parra For Cuva - Champa (feat. Monsoonsiren)

I'll be Seeing You - Rodrick Duran ft. Jesse Ahmann

Darci - High Speeds (Lyrics)

REAPER - funeral

D'AFRICAN - Your Eyes

PatrickReza - Tip Toe

2 Hours binaural cello ambient 432 hz music to relax

"Rebuilding" - A cello piece in 396 hz (Solfeggio) Sorrow into Joy

grandson x Moby Rich: Happy Pill (legendado)

Jadu Heart - I'm A Kid (legendado)

Music for Massage and Meditation #2

juuku - Frozen

Darci - Come Around

The sounds of winter, cello and didgeridoo, peaceful, calm music to chill out

Darci - Don't Ask

Elliphant - Never Been In Love (legendado)

Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton - Freedom (legendado)

PLAZA - Wanting You

"Idyllic Land" Slow cello music with Delta Binaural beats in 432 hz for falling asleep

Kidnap - Grow (feat. Leo Stannard)

"Suspension" A cello journey... Music in 432 Hz

Evolution of a Lament. Part 3

Kaye Allen - Played


Cidade Dormitório - Agora o Meu Coração é Um Lixeiro Azul Vazio Escroto

COTIS - Phone Light Up

Chirine - Need It (Lyrics)

mehro - chance with you (Kina Remix)

Lo Nightly - Want it Now (slowed + reverb + lyrics)

Elley Duhé - Immortal

H&D - Special (Cresce Remix)

Courrier Sud - Dreams

Take Your Time - original 432hz song

Roy Woods - Jealousy (Stwo Remix)