Psychedelic Chill-out/Downtempo/Midtempo with Fractal Animations

A 2-Hour DJ mix recorded live at Mycophobia Purim Rave, 2017. This mix is also on Mixcloud & Soundcloud: For updates on future shows & gigs and bookings: Tracklist: 1 Ta Khut by Ozric Tentacles 2 Dans La Main De Chronos by Sleepy Koala 3 Birth of a Thought by Ryanosaurus 4 Ping by Ozric Tentacles 5 Psywamp (EurythmY Remix) by Quanta 6 Thresholds by EurythmY 7 Cloudstructure by Spiral Minded 8 Last Time by EurythmY 9 Emulate by Quanta 10 Perfukt (Whitebear Remix) by Grouch 11 Froggy Woogie by Sleepy Koala 12 Create Culture (Landswitcher Remix) by Quanta 13 Eminations by Quanta 14 Harmonic Libations by Taotempo 15 Phases (Tribone Re-Stomp) by EurythmY 16 Invert & Return by Sixis, Mumukshu 17 Philae (Halfred Remix) by Condensspur 18 Sensory Overload by Whitebear, Tribone 19 Dark Lights by Tribone 20 Funhouse by T Mech 21 Mambacore by Infected Mushroom 22 Vedavox by Ozric Tentacles 23 Different Angle by Halfred, Tribone 24 Tribal Bones (Halfred Remix) by Tribone Fractal animations from: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! I do not own the copyright for any of the tracks nor the video art, and the purpose of this video is purely educational. If from any reason you want me to delete the video or exclude a certain track from the list, just contact me through my fb page.

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