Lance's Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 140(Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electronica / Chill Out)

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means most of us here in the USA will be busy spending time with family, friends, etc. So it only makes sense to roll out this week's mix today. For those of you in America, have a happy Thanksgiving. For those of you in the rest of the world, I wish you all a great week and thank you so, so much for listening. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- A musical mix inspired by the many I used to do back in the day for those amazing, sexy, beautiful parties that would happen after Sinamatic, Dungeon, Bar Sinister, etc. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it. If so please click ‘like’ and please subscribe. Track Listing 1. Miss Melody & Mobidextrous - Ru Meng Ling(Song Dynasty Refix) 2. Tomislav - Teardrop Spin – 3:40 3. Baby Fox - The Rookery(Part 1) – 7:40 4. DJ Tuple - When I – 12:50 5. DJ Shadow - Fixed Income – 15:10 6. Boom Devil - Life Is – 19:53 7. Al'tarba – Sacrifice – 27:08 8. Wax Tailor - Walk The Line(Instrumental) – 30:07 9. ChasBeats - Sunshine Around Me – 34:34 10. E.lementaL – Always – 37:22 11. Jaskin & Uneven – Woodlands – 41:08 12. Suduaya - Astral Lullaby – 45:36 13. Ogi feel the Beat - Strugglin' – 53:02 14. Moshic - Redeem Your Love – 55:00 15. Mehmet Akar – Narcissism – 1:03:31 Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this mix, you can check out my previous mix (Vol.139) here: UPDATE: My next mix (Vol.141)is now up. You can listen to it here: If you want to “tip the DJ” you can go here to support the channel… Photographer and model unknown. If you have any information regarding this photograph please let me know so I can give proper credit. This was created for promotional purposes (for the artists) and for enjoyment only. I do not monetize any of my mixes that I upload. If any ads do appear, they are added by YouTube via automatic request of the artist and/or label. Please understand that I have no control over when or how an ad may be displayed in those cases.

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