Ancient Egyptian Music - Pharaoh Ramses II

Ancient Egyptian music about the most powerful of all the pharaohs who was an excellent warrior, builder, and military general. This music I composed is called Pharaoh Ramses II. I hope you enjoy listening to it! *** 🐪 If you like this beautiful music, you'll love this playlist: Arabian & Egyptian music | *** Buy Pharaoh Ramses II sheet music here : Sheet Music Plus: Buy my music here : iTunes : Bandcamp : Amazon mp3 : Listen to this music on Spotify: Spotify : *** This beautiful picture was taken by permission from Rory Thompson (chapboy) on DeviantArt. Here is the link to it: Here is his Facebook page link: #egyptianmusic #egypt #egyptmusic #egyptian #ancientegypt #pharaoh #documentarymusic

Next Song Are comming :