Analog Lo-Fi House Live Jam: Voice Of Saturn/ Atari Punk Console/ Volca Beats/ Bastl Kastle/ Hub

Lo-Fi Mini Jam, live. Just digged out my old analog DIY Kit Sequencer 'Voice of Saturn' and checked out what it can do to gear such as the Volca Beats and the Bastl Kastle. So, I hooked up both to the sequencer (Trigger Out to the Kastle and Gate Out to the Volca) and added my old Atari Punk Console Cigar Box to the CV out - it works. I did also sent the APC signal thru the Chord Vocoder Effect of the Kaospad and this makes the monophonic APC sound like a nice polyphonic synth. :-) Mixed with Patchblocks minijam Hub. Recorder: Edirol R-1 Cam: Ricoh WG-M1 Thanks a lot for watching! Like me if you like: Cheers!

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