Soul of the Shaman Chill Meditation Music

'Soul of The Shaman' is chill meditation music, and was created with this purpose in mind. Using the latest studio techniques it is both relaxing and pleasing to the ear. It is perfect as an aid to meditation and inward reflection. It also has a 'hook', and ends with upbeat melodies to prepare you for what lays ahead in your exciting day! I hope you like my music, and I wish you peaceful and productive meditations. Let me know what you think, and I will do my best to answer your questions. Dr. Stephen Simpson works as an Elite Performance Coach and uses the latest psychological techniques, including NLP, hypnosis and meditation, to unlock your hidden potential. These leading edge techniques form the foundation of his accelerated coaching system and have delivered outstanding results. His international bestselling books include Zen Hypnosis Confidence, Push at Open Doors, and Play Magic Golf. 'Soul of the Shaman' was composed by Mark Wickenden and Stephen Simpson. It was recorded at Academy Studios, Colchester, UK. Artwork was provided by Paula Hately.

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