Arabic Instrumental Music - Oud - (Hazem shaheen)

-Arabic Instrumental Music - OUD : -Andalusian Music : -The Beauty of Qanun : -The Beauty Of The Arabic instrumental Music-OUD: -Instrumental Music for moroccan weeding and ceremonies .....As known as CHAABI : -Traditional Moroccan Music - Gnawa Music: For more arabic instrumental music , check this playlist : Hazem Shaheen, is an Egyptian musician born in Alexandria, he graduated in 1999 from "The Higher Institute for Arabic Music" with a grade of Excellent with honours. He is also one of the first graduates of "The Arabic Oud House", founded by Nasseer Shamma, in 2002. Hazem was awarded 1st prize as "The Best Oud Player in the Arab World" in the International Oud Competition in Beirut sponsored by the Catholic University in 2002. He is a leading and founding member of the band "Eskenderella" which performs Egyptian Heritage music of Sayed Darweesh and El Sheikh Emam, as well as their own songs, which are composed by Hazem and written by various Egyptian poets like Fouad Haddad, Naguib Shehab El din, Amin Haddad and Ahmed Haddad. Hazem has worked as a Oud teacher at "The Arabic Oud House" for 5 years, then he went to The Cairo Opera House where he currently works as a teacher of Oud. Hazem has published his first music album "Al 'Aysh Wal Malh" in 2006 with "Masar" band and has recently published his first solo album, "Things That I Miss" or "Hagat Wahshany" in 2009. We share with you the beautiful album of this man ... "Things That I Miss" Playlist: -The Horse Of Darwish. -Things That I Miss. -Adolescence. -Nahawand improvisation. -Problem. -Taqasim rast We hope that you love it -------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos check our channel and subscrib

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