Wonderful Chill Out Music Arabic and India Balance Mix by

You can download this song here: http://www.tekiu.blogspot.com/ This mix belongs to tekiu, the guy who has the blog. It's NOT my blog and I didn't make the mix. With the help of some people here, we have a track list. Thank you for your help. 1) from beginning until 05:18 Bahir Al Bakir - Walk From Agadir 2) 05:19 - 09:22 Amr Diab - Osad Ainy 3) 09:23 - 13:45 Omar Richman - Casablanca Cafe 4) 13:46 - 18:02 Amr Diab - Tamally Ma'ak 5)18:03 -22:26 Unknown(SOunds like ancient sanskrit hymn though) 6)22:27-26:47 Kasmey Wadey (Original by RD Burman) 7)26:48- 31:33 Ishvari - To My Groom (Maanlo) 8)31:34-39:30 Pardes jake pardesiya originally sang by Lata Mangeshkar 9)35:50-39:31 Mukhda Piya ka originally sang by Rajeshwari Sachdev 10)39:31- 43:24 Asi dur chaley Ankhiyan toh dur 11)43:25-47:38 hey dukh bhanjan Singer: Hariom Sharan 12)47:39-51:39 Chura ka dil tera -Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu

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