Hotmood - 700 Copies

Funk Purpose Vol.2 Part 1 EP Label - Samosa Released - 26th June 2019 BUY FROM - Samosa Records continues it’s unstoppable runaway juggernaut of a year with the double EP 'Funk Purpose Vol. 2'. Featuring two slabs of HQ black wax with 4 tracks on each 12'' (Vol. 2/1 & Vol 2/2) which will come out 2 weeks apart. Pulling out all the stops they have brought together a who’s who of the cream of the disco editor roll of honour. Step up (in alphabetical order) Al Kent, Fingerman, Hotmood, Moodena & Sartorial, Pete Le Freq, Raw Slavs, Sleazy McQueen and Swifft Edits. Support -----------------------------------

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