Thunder | Original Composition - Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Chill Classical Nylon Beat Solo Jam

"Popular Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals" - Austin, TX based guitarist, composer and producer Josh Edwards blends a variety of acoustic guitars into popular styles of music, creating melodic, catchy, beat-driven songs. Influenced by musicians such as Paco de Lucia, Marty Friedman, The Weekend, Dr. Dre and Pink Floyd, Josh strives to fuse different styles of music including pop, hip-hop, EDM, blues, classical and flamenco into accessible, recognizable, easy to listen to acoustic guitar instrumentals. Born in New Orleans, Josh Edwards grew up surrounded by the local jazz and blues played in the french quarter. At age 7, Josh moved to Austin, TX, live music capital of the world, where he learned to play various styles of guitar. At the age of 16, Josh began studying classical guitar and at 18 was accepted into the University of Texas at Austin Butler School of Music for classical guitar performance. Just has studied under such acclaimed musicians as Isaac Bustos and Adam Holzman, and has had master classes with Elliot Fisk, Pepe Romero, Grisha Goryachev, Benoît Albert, Randall Avers and many more. In 2015, Josh graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, Butler School of Music with his Bachelor of Arts in Music, concentrating in classical guitar performance and digital audio production, and a Minor in Business. During his time at UT, Josh worked as a Stage Manager where he oversaw hundreds of concerts. He also volunteered regularly with Austin Classical Guitar (ACG) and was involved with several educational outreach campaigns where he gave numerous lecture-concert presentations. In addition to classical guitar, Josh got his concentration in Electronic and Computer Music where he learned about digital recording, processing, composition and production. His final, semester long project involved collaborating with other musicians, graphic designers and dancers to build an improvised real-time laptop ensemble using Csound, OSC, OBS and Python. Josh is committed to using his knowledge in performance, composition and production to continue making new and interesting music. Josh's music features nylon string flamenco guitar, classical guitar, steel string western guitar, nine-string guitar and electric guitar. He is proficient in many styles of guitar including classical, flamenco, blues, jazz, folk, country rock'n'roll and metal. To create a more interesting sonic pallet, he blends popular styles of music into energetic instrumentals with various acoustic guitars, featuring nylon string flamenco guitar, classical guitar, steel string western guitar, nine-string guitar and electric guitar. His favorite guitar is a Casa Ferrer flamenco guitar, picked up personally in Granada, Spain by 4th generation luthier, whose family has built concert guitars for Paco de Lucia, Paco's father, John Williams, Manuel Barrueco, Elliot Fisk and many other famous guitarists. The top is spruce from Germany; the sides are maple from Bosnia; rosewood on bridge and top of neck; neck is cedar from Honduras; Ebony from Kenya. © 2019 Josh Edwards

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