One Hour Mix of Arabic Trance Music - Ancient Egypt - Vol. I

One Hour Mix of Arabic Trance Music - Ancient Egypt - Vol. I Support Trance Music and its followers! Support Trance Artists! Buy if you Like! This video is purely fan-made if owners want it removed then please contact us directly and we will remove it. It never was our purpose, is or will be to offend the culture, traditions and history of countries or regions. Background: "Snake Queen" by Leonid Kozienko All are available here: Tracklist: 01 - Heatbeat & Bjorn Akesson - Pharaon (Album Mix) (00:00) BUY: 02 - Kheiro & Medi vs Sunset - Cleopatra (Original Mix) (03:51) BUY: 03 - Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer - Pharaon (Original Mix) (10:58) BUY: 04 - The Noble Six - Discovering The Sphinx (Philippe El Sisi Remix) (19:00) BUY: 05 - Faruk Sabanci, James Dymond - Sphinx (Original Mix) (25:22) BUY: 06 - James Dymond - Temple Of Ra (Original Mix) (32:15) BUY: 07 - A & Z vs. Allen & Envy - Osiris (Original Mix) (39:33) BUY: 08 - Ayda - Pharaoh (James Dymond Remix) (47:49) BUY: 09 - Soundlift - Alexandria (Original Mix) (54:31) BUY: Info on Artists: Bjorn Akesson: Heatbeat: Kheiro: Medi: Sunset: The Noble Six: Philippe El Sisi: Mhammed El Alami: Johannes Fischer: Faruk Sabanci: James Dymond: A & Z: Allen & Envy: Ayda: SoundLift: Record Labels: Armada Music Bundles: Blue Soho Recordings: Veritas Recordings: In Trance We Trust: Trance All-Stars Records: Future Sound of Egypt: Alter Ego Records: Abora Recordings:

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