Relaxing Spiritual Music ♥ Healing Soul Spirit Song ♥ Native American Style Meditation Chill

You can download this beautiful song at I-Tunes here: Or Amazon here: The relaxing healing power of music! American Indian Music, Healing Music. Meditation Music. Reiki Music. Peaceful Music. Relaxing Music. Chill-out. Relaxation. Calming. Relax. Tranquility. Love. Zen. Power of Love. Using Music to Heal. Healing Music For The Soul. Mind. Body. Spirit. Spiritual Music. Native Spiritual Music. In the video, my two nieces perform wearing traditional Native/First Nations regalia. This is a giving and receiving song. We receive the gift of healing from the Creator, and we give back through dancing, drumming and singing. Sharing with all. As my other family side has Celtic roots...I added an "Amazing Grace" touch to the song, building a beautiful melody along that style and tradition. Lovely Ocean backdrop from right here from the scenic beauty of Vancouver Island. Be well! ~Kenneth St. King

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