OZZIE - Don't Play (feat. THEMXXNLIGHT)

Giving it all I got. OZZIE – Don’t Play (feat. THEMXXNLIGHT) / Lyrics are in the description. Listen to more songs like this → http://dynmk.co/more/RC8owby1O-I #dynmk #OZZIE #THEMXXNLIGHT — Support the artist. Download / stream 'OZZIE – Don’t Play (feat. THEMXXNLIGHT)' here → https://fanlink.to/dontplay OZZIE → https://twitter.com/ozziebeats → https://www.instagram.com/benjaminozzie/ → https://www.facebook.com/ozziebeats → https://soundcloud.com/ozziemusic → https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ZyteyKrx7qwKMwFYLAB1p → https://ozziebeats.bandcamp.com/music THEMXXNLIGHT → https://twitter.com/inthemxxnlight → https://www.instagram.com/inthemxxnlight/ → https://www.facebook.com/inthemxxnlight → https://soundcloud.com/inthemxxnlight → https://open.spotify.com/artist/3w0ANZjFcTa3b6nJkPFxX1 Photo by Geoffrey Yahya Vargas → http://geoffrey-yahya-vargas.format.com/ → https://www.instagram.com/geoffreyyahyavargas → https://www.facebook.com/GeoffreyYahyaVargasPhotography/ — → More songs by OZZIE Joey XL – Ready (OZZIE Remix) → http://youtu.be/95m4EgFr41Y OZZIE – YOUSHOULDKNOW → http://youtu.be/8pOgDJfxjNs → More songs by THEMXXNLIGHT THEMXXNLIGHT – Drunk → http://youtu.be/FbX3LmnG_l0 → If you like this song, you might also like: Kodamilo – Used To → http://youtu.be/frkhvlDaX5k Geo – Don’t let me → http://youtu.be/Ig9FuGrzam4 Jaq Mackenzie – Feels. Right. (feat. Stylez) → http://youtu.be/IyZ5X54wdVM Elyah – The Way You Make Me Feel (ft. Jonah) → http://youtu.be/4S3XHIMjpEA → Previously on dynmk ELIONA – Power → http://youtu.be/hAeCBDTIoXE RQ X Cyra Gwynth – Hold On → http://youtu.be/3ppefJtz98g Mentiras X Jake Hope – Things → http://youtu.be/xso3Z8q409Y sobhhï – finders keepers → http://youtu.be/vNDioSRwJXU Alina Baraz – Yours → http://youtu.be/H66WVAH65gU — OZZIE – Don’t Play (feat. THEMXXNLIGHT) - Lyrics Girl put in work work work For this Love Love Love I’m giving it all I got Stop playing with my heart heart heart I don’t know what you want want want Is it Love or lust Please stop with the game you’re playing Don’t play Ooo girl, don’t play, don’t play I been rollin on my own, all night long, thats when I knew I been wasting all this time to get to you to get to you I been blowing up your phone, I just wanna talk to you, You and I know what you do when you try to cut through my scene And I know that you said you’ll make it up to me I could stop doin work if you don’t want me babe Only if you don’t want me babe, and now I’m all alone — dynmk. This is the now. S U B S C R I B E → http://bit.ly/dynmksub S U B M I T → http://www.dynmk.co/submit/ → https://www.instagram.com/dynmkco/ → https://open.spotify.com/user/dynmkofficial/ → http://facebook.com/dynmk → http://twitter.com/dynmk → http://dynmk.tumblr.com — If you don't want your music here, just drop me a quick email [email protected] OZZIE – Don’t Play (feat. THEMXXNLIGHT)

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