Monday Piano Meditation #7 Ambient Piano Chill Music

Monday Piano Meditation #7 composed by Melanie Minuit. Hello, i'm Melanie Minuit from Germany. I love composing emotional piano music, that takes you to another place. A place where you are safe. This Music will lead you into a deep, inner silence and will bring you closer to yourself and to your feelings and sometimes it will bring tears to your eyes. If you like this kind of music, please subscribe to my channel.  If you can't sleep, then listen to this piece of music. Your mind will get peaceful and calm. This piano music can be used for meditation or reflection. You can use this track also for background music for guided meditation. There are also many listeners that take my music for Yoga Sessions. 🎧 Listen to my favourite piano playlists: ☰ Morning Piano Playlist: ☰ Midnight Piano Playlist: ☰ Relaxing Piano Music Playlist: 📀 Check out my CD's on #piano #music #instrumental

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