'Nebulae' - Liquid Drum and Bass Mix

So finally here's a new liquid drum and bass mix after a year and a half from my last one! With over 2 million views Illusions of Existence has become one of the most popular dnb mixes, for this one I went with the same concept: 1 hour of pure liquid goodness, nothing more, nothing less. Some of these tracks are my all time favorites, hope you find some new favorites too :) Nevertheless hope you enjoy the mix and be sure to show your support to the artists if you do. Free download: http://soundcloud.com/fluidified/nebulae Tracklist: 0:00 Phagu - Odyssey DL: http://soundcloud.com/phaguofficial/solidera-odyssey - http://soundcloud.com/phaguofficial 2:23 Monrroe - Dawning (ft. Emily Jones) Buy: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/alchemy-liquicity-presents/id1034845800 - http://soundcloud.com/monrroe-e - http://facebook.com/Monrroe.e - http://soundcloud.com/emilyrmj - http://facebook.com/EmilyRMJmusic - http://soundcloud.com/liquicityrecords - http://facebook.com/Liquicity 6:47 Blastikz - Innocent DL: http://facebook.com/NuVentureRecords/app/208195102528120 - http://soundcloud.com/blastikz - http://facebook.com/pages/Blastikz/407551082657480 - http://soundcloud.com/nuventurerecords - http://facebook.com/NuVentureRecords 11:10 Joey Bada$$ - Right On Time (Redeyes Edit) DL: http://soundcloud.com/djredeyes/rightontimesedits - http://facebook.com/redeyesdnb - http://twitter.com/DjRedeyesFr - http://facebook.com/fckingbadass - http://twitter.com/joeybadass 15:34 Thomas Hood - Tell Me DL: http://mediafire.com/?dzzukd6gkdg3cg2 - http://soundcloud.com/thomashoodmusic - http://facebook.com/ThomasHoodMusic 20:42 Blastikz - Golden Heart (Phagu Remix) DL: http://soundcloud.com/phaguofficial/blastikz-golden-heart-solidera-remix-free - http://soundcloud.com/phaguofficial - http://soundcloud.com/blastikz - http://facebook.com/pages/Blastikz/407551082657480 22:32 L.A.O.S - While I Got You DL: not currently available - http://soundcloud.com/largeamountofsoul - http://facebook.com/largeamountofsoul 26:33 Commix - Painted Smile DL: not currently available - http://soundcloud.com/commix - http://facebook.com/commixmusic - http://soundcloud.com/metalheadz - http://facebook.com/metalheadz.music 32:09 Clare Stagg - Stargazing (DJ Ransome Bootleg) DL: http://click.dj/liquiddnbftw/claire-stagg-stargazing-dj-ransome-bootleg - http://soundcloud.com/djransome - http://facebook.com/djransome - http://soundcloud.com/clarestagg - http://facebook.com/clarestaggmusic 37:11 Bone - All I Have DL: http://dnbshare.com/download/bone_-_all_i_have_320_v2.mp3.html - http://soundcloud.com/bonemarek - http://facebook.com/bonednb 42:35 IDENTIFY - What You Waiting For DL: http://toneden.io/identifymusic/post/what-you-waiting-for-1 - http://soundcloud.com/identifymusic - http://facebook.com/IDENTIFYmusic 47:21 Malaky & Bone Man - Always DL: http://soundcloud.com/bone-man/malaky-bone-man-always - http://soundcloud.com/malaky - http://facebook.com/malakydnb - http://soundcloud.com/bone-man - http://facebook.com/bonemanbreakbeats/ 52:53 Zero T ft. Steo - Walk Away (Thesis Remix) DL: not currently available - http://soundcloud.com/thesis - http://soundcloud.com/zerot - http://twitter.com/zerotdnb Picture by ?: http://alpha.wallhaven.cc/wallpaper/319742 Fluidified: http://facebook.com/Fluidified http://twitter.com/Fluidified http://soundcloud.com/fluidified *This video was uploaded for promotional purposes. If you enjoy the music, please support the artists and download the best quality versions of the tracks from the links above! If you own any content in this video and would like me to take it down, please contact me (fluidified[at]hotmail.com) and I will remove it immediately.

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