Harrison BDP - The Illusion of Reality

Grab your Copy: https://bit.ly/2pb1Tk1 Label: Houseum Records Artist: Various (Sunfleur) Format: Vinyl (500 copies) & Digital Cat Number: HSM005 EP Title: Caturn V Release Date: December 6th, 2019 PREMIERE on Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2L7oEx1 The Houseum Records family is proud to announce that it continues to grow with this new Various Artists EP. To fly to new horizons, Astro, Sunfleur, Harisson BDP and Aemone gathered a collection of 4 tracks with deep and dubby sounds. Ready for a power takeoff with Astro? From the beginning, this track sends us to another planet with the bassline. And the hypnotic beats certainly make a spacey banger! Sunfleur embarks you in the ship Vostok 1, for a cosmic ballad mixed with sweet and nostalgic lines of synths. This very smooth groove and these robotic vocals make us float. On the B side, Harrison BDP gives us a darker track. The gravity leads us to a real fusion of reverberating drum lines and entrancing pads, It feels like entering a black hole. Finally the trip ends on a smooth landing with Clouds produced by the Belgian Aemone, we want to land on the clouds with this fluffy rhythm and these captivating vocals. Harrison BDP: https://soundcloud.com/harrisonbdp https://www.facebook.com/harrisonbdp Mastered by Perception Mastering (https://www.facebook.com/perceptionmastering) Artwork by Alexandra Iliesco (https://www.instagram.com/alexandrailiesco) Manufactured by M' Com Musique (https://www.mcommusique.com) Distributed by Unearthed Sounds (https://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Houseum: https://soundcloud.com/houseum https://www.facebook.com/houseum.yt https://www.instagram.com/houseumrecords https://[email protected]

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