Lounge Brazil (Café Music Deluxe Chill Out) Continuous CD Mix - Olympics Rio 2016 (Full HD)

Welcome to our brand-new mix taken from the CD "Lounge Brazil (Café Music Deluxe Chill Out). Finest Café del mar feeling, Ibiza Chill Out, Latin Grooves, Deep Sounds, Bar Lounge, Jazz Bar, Relax! Available at the iTunes Music Store and your favourite download and streaming stores: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/lounge-brazil-cafe-music-deluxe/id1124380926 Full Album Playlist: 01. 00:00:08 Nightzoom - touch my soul (Latin Chillout Cut) 02. 00:03:59 Bernon - flying diamond (Vuela Latin Chillhouse Cut) 03. 00:08:16 CiYou - amor (Latino Chillout Mix) 04. 00:13:04 For Found Future - time is moving (Brasil Chillout Mix) 05. 00:17:13 Jean Mare - filter lagoon (Percussion House Mix) 06. 00:24:00 Nightview - Copaca (Latin Chillout Mix) 07. 00:28:00 Soundset City – calma (Latino Lounge Groove Mix) 08. 00:32:20 Bernon - la vida housekeys (Brasil Chillhouse Edit) 09. 00:37:38 Nightview -reaching out (Latin Lounge Mix) 10. 00:41:26 Soundset City - lateral motion (Jazzy Latin Mix) 11. 00:45:37 Nightzoom - ipanema lounge(Latin Chillout Mix) 12. 00:49:31 Jean Mare - your gonna be allright (Jazzy Caracas Mix) 13. 00:54:34 CiYou - June in Brasil (Easy Latin Lounge Cut) Lounge Brazil. The new compilation from the label Freebeat Music records. You will be confined of fascinated Lounge sounds with easy, smooth Latin grooves suitably to the Olympic Games 2016. Enjoy the perfect soundtrack for your summer. Please subscribe and receive every two weeks new continuous mixes! Label: Freebeat Music Records Copyright: (C) 2015 Freebeat Music Records Music and images courtesy of www. fotolia.de and Freebeat Music Records

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