Healing Scriptures with soaking music, Christian Meditation, Relaxing Music (POWERFUL!)

Healing Scriptures, Christian meditation with soaking music to help you sleep, meditate, pray, soak, relax, study, you name it. Want a whole channel of these videos? Our SOAKSTREAM - Healing Scriptures channel: http://bit.ly/soakstreamYT Over an hour of relaxing music, soothing and reassuring scriptures on healing read out loud, and beautiful HD time lapse footage of nature, God's beautiful creation. Lord, bring Heavenly health and healing in Jesus' name! We're praying for and with you. If you're praying for healing, let us know what specifically you're praying for in the comments. If you're listening to this as music to fall asleep to or as prayer music or meditation music, let us know where in the world you're from in the comments below. TO SUPPORT OUR MINISTRY: IF YOU WANT TO DIVE SUPER DEEP INTO GROWTH IN CHRIST: * My Deluxe ebook “5 Powerful Ways To Structure Your Life For Blessing” // Learn how to structure your life for way less stress, struggle & overwhelm, and a ton more peace, joy, confidence, wholeness & the abundant life Jesus came to give you.- http://bit.ly/barrettsebook * My Christian Clothing line (you see me wearing this stuff in most of my videos…SUPER comfortable. Come get some new clothes!) - http://bit.ly/barrettschristianclothingline IF YOU WANT THE ABSOLUTE MOST GROWTH & TRANSFORMATION YOU COULD POSSIBLY GET FROM ME: * My online program for growing in Christ (grow with other passionate Christ-followers around the world) - http://bit.ly/barrettsprogramLCA * My 1-on-1 Coaching/Counseling/Mentorship Program - http://bit.ly/barretts1on1coaching * 10% of all the proceeds from my products help raise money for 3rd world missions...thank you so much for your support. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1) Like the vid? ---------- Hit that thumbs up! (2) Wanna see more? ---------- SUBSCRIBE YO! (3) Don't wanna miss a single video? ---------- Hit the bell to get notified! (4) AAAAAAND got a question or want to introduce yourself? ---------- Leave me a comment! :D Let me know where in the world you're watching from! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lord bring Heavenly health and healing in Jesus' name! #healingscriptures #scripturemeditation #soakstream #soakingworship #scriptureonhealing #healingfrequencies #healingmusic #healingmeditation #healingpower #healingsleepmusic #healingscriptureswithsoakingmusic #healingsleepmeditation #healingscripturesforsleep #healingscripturesmusic #healingscripturestoprayanddeclare #healingbibleverses #healingbiblescriptures #healingbiblemeditation #bibleversesforsleep #bibleversesonhealing #bibleverseshealing #scripturesforsleeping #scripturesonhealing #scriptureonhealing #scripturesabouthealing #scriptureabouthealing #scripturereading #scripturesleepmeditation #bibleversesmeditation #scripturemeditationforsleep #scripturemeditationhealing #scripturemeditationmusic #christianmeditation #christianmeditationforsleep #christianmeditationmusic healing scriptures, healing frequencies, healing music, healing meditation, healing prayer, healing sleep music, healing scriptures with soaking music, healing sleep meditation, healing scriptures for sleep, healing scriptures with music, healing scriptures to pray and declare, healing bible verses, healing bible scriptures, healing bible meditation, bible verses for sleep, bible verses on healing, bible verses healing, scriptures for sleeping, scripture meditation, scriptures oh healing, scripture meditation for sleep, scripture meditation healing, scripture meditation music, christian meditation, christian meditation for sleep, christian meditation music, soaking worship, soak stream, soakstream, barrett bogan

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