Chinese Relax complete (1:00:33)

Chinese chillout music from the complete album "Buddha And Bonsai Vol.2" & two songs from Gandalf´s, from the album "Healing Light-Reiki" 06/10/2012 Thank you all for your comments, likes and subscriptions. This video already has above 1,1millions of visits. I'm glad to see people who enjoy listening to this kind of beautiful music 08/02/2013 This video has reached 3 million visits, and that's why I would like to thank you all for your visits and comments. Happy year, and come back to listen to this wonderful music as often as you wish 06/06/2013 It's amazing to see the quantity of people that enjoy listening to this. It's over 4million visits! 02/09/2015 Look at this! We,ve reached 8 MILLION views! I hope you all keep enjoying and sharing this beautiful chinese melody! 28/01/2017 We are approaching the 9 million visits, so it's my duty to thank you all for your support. I have to say that I never lucked out with this. My purpose was to share this fantastic collection I discovered years ago. It makes me happy to see these peaceful and respectful comments. Don't forget to come back every time you want to take a moment for relaxing!

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