Rayless - Up Now

Alive but freezing. Rayless – Up Now / Lyrics are in the description. Listen to more songs like this → http://dynmk.co/more/4FzymxFGE8A Support the artist. Download / stream 'Rayless – Up Now' on: → Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/iamrayless/up-now → Bandcamp https://rayless.bandcamp.com/track/up-now Rayless → https://twitter.com/iamrayless → https://www.instagram.com/rayless.wav/ → https://www.facebook.com/iamrayless → https://soundcloud.com/iamrayless → https://spont195.bandcamp.com/ Photo by Melissa Cartagena → https://twitter.com/perazna → https://www.instagram.com/perazna → https://www.facebook.com/melissaleonorcartagena/ — → More songs by Rayless Rayless – Recharge → http://youtu.be/v224ek0jO6A Rayless – Find Yourself → http://youtu.be/YyOhFSLDSU0 → If you like this song, you might also like: BRIDGE – Something → http://youtu.be/ymnwZ6pZrao mandu – waiting on no one → http://youtu.be/6pYwG05bc1I foxwedding – the killing of a giant → http://youtu.be/kxdIGMHuOFk Praise – Kisses → http://youtu.be/K3rFky4hGDo blΔnc – Boy → http://youtu.be/Yr7kzYDBRnw → Previously on dynmk ilham – Say Less → http://youtu.be/-Y576VLxrbQ KYLO – Your Eyes → http://youtu.be/BVLiMg8gSVA KOSIKK – Tempus → http://youtu.be/HM-QsWb3Ikw Cassie Marin – Compare → http://youtu.be/kpInNWdMDl0 Emilia Ali – Thick Thighs → http://youtu.be/8KFZ5PNHK38 — Rayless – Up Now - Lyrics I’m up now That’s why I feel like I’m just shot down Alive but freezing Now just slow down I’m thinking bout you now Lowkey I’m so high My time just standby I’m up now Just spread your wings and you won’t fall down Then stars will speak for us Unlock now Your chest and let me carve Out some space for us Let me take you heart Like a ghost I won’t leave Cuz now I’m not scared to fall like these leaves I could take you to the outerspace just see I will hold you down till you will be up and free I don’t want you now, but I need you now, coz you take my mind to new places I don’t wanna drown so I roll around but I can’t stay afloat lately Then I might be wrong but I know I’m strong I could reach the top with you I know you made me feel so up, but now I feel like I can’t move You made me feel so high high, yeah Thats why I feel like I’m falling, I’m falling Don’t let this fade away you know that i'm so high, high yeah Thats why I feel like I’m falling, I’m falling Again — dynmk. This is the now. S U B S C R I B E → http://bit.ly/dynmksub S U B M I T → http://www.dynmk.co/submit/ → https://www.instagram.com/dynmkco/ → https://open.spotify.com/user/dynmkofficial/ → http://facebook.com/dynmk → http://twitter.com/dynmk → http://dynmk.tumblr.com — If you don't want your music here, just drop me a quick email [email protected] Rayless – Up Now

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