HOUSE 2 (Lofi House Mix)

Second episode from the Lofi House Mix Series. Enjoy everyone💚👽 Btw Thanks everyone for the big support so far! Reached 10k a few days ago🧙‍♂️ Take this mix to celebrate😎 Playlist Bellow: Playlist: Detroit Swindle - The Break Up togo - I Know Your Face, Pitt DJ BORING - Winona Paradiso Rhythm - Midnight Scenes Demuja - Peggy DOS - Limits Sedgwick - bent face Helter - Frontal Palms Trax - Sumo Acid Crew Jeigo - I Must Be Crying DJ Myspace - Done With You Follow Me Soundcloud: Youtube: Tags: #lofi #house #mix #kiffen All rights to the artists and the label of his music. I don't own anything. Just for spreading & sponsoring purpose.

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