Beautiful SOUTH AFRICA Chillout & Lounge Mix Del Mar

Listen Free Let's take a trip to beautiful South Africa! Capetown and the famous Table Mountain are real sight to behold, truly outstanding. Remember to share with a friend : ) Become a fan: Subscribe now: Watch the most beautiful Chillout videos on YouTube: tracklist: 00:00 Djibooti - Shadows and voices (tom tom mix) 08:13 Cocogroove - Forgotten jungle (swazi mix) 16:24 Panafrican Project - Mystique raindance (ethno cut) 24:06 Zina Rao feat.Chillwalker - Spiritual dreams (mystic vocal mix) 29:28 Djibooti - Nomads (Ritual Mix) 37:04 Afrocanado - Manmademan (mystic mountains cut) 42:56 Noise Boyz - Tender Falls the Rain (Steeldrums Mix) 49:21 Djibooti - Massai land (red view mix) 55:15 Panafrican Project - Kalahari Silence (Dark Sand Mix) 01:01:39 Afrocanado - In the Evening (Velvet Dundown Mix) 01:07:22 Kid Coconutz - Cinematic Grooves (Afroelectric Mix) 01:13:05 Noise Boyz - Flirting shadows (ethnovoice mix) 01:18:31 Bay Area - Tropical spirit (h2o mix) 01:25:23 Afrocanado - Drifting away (jungle mix) 01:31:42 Silent Voices - Ethnic summer chill (original mix) 01:36:34 Orange Music - For a Little Moment (Afrosteel Caribic Mix) 01:42:49 The Man Behind C. - Secret combination (nightingale mix) 01:49:09 The Gentle Spirit - Queen of rainforest (nature mix) 01:55:30 Djibooti - Cheethas (Fire Ritual Mix) 02:01:25 The Gentle Spirit - Emerald lagoon (ethno space mix) images courtesy of:[email protected]

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