Lance's Dark Mood Party Mix Vol 23 (Trip Hop / Downtempo / Electronica / Chill Out)

This is last of the many mixes I used to do back in the day for those amazing, sexy, beautiful parties that would happen after Sinamatic, Dungeon, Bar Sinister, etc. I figured I would share them online since distributing them on CD isn't really practical anymore. Even though this is the last of my old mixes it won't be 'the last' of my mixes because I've had some recent request to do some more ( thank you!), so I'm planning on doing just that. So more will be coming very soon. Track Listing 1. Reggae Disco Rockers - Baby 2. Hazy Rooms - Herbal Essence – 4:24 3. Fila Brazilla - At Home In Space – 9:57 4. Cutty Ranks - The Stopper(Full Moon 6 Live dub) – 17:50 5. Massive Attack - Safe From Harm – 24:00 6. France & Dom – Scam – 29:10 7. Daddy Ous - Hard Like a Rock(Groove Corp dub) – 33:25 8. Leftfield - Dub Gusset – 39:59 9. Royksopp - So Easy – 44:47 10. Alex Reece - Jazz Master(K&D Session) – 48:22 11. Thievery Corporation - The Outernationalist – 56:41 12. Amadeus Tapioka – Amael – 1:00:05 13. Goldfrapp – Train – 1:05:11 14. Renegade - The Dark Side – 1:09:19 Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed this mix, please check out my previous mix (Vol. 22) here: UPDATE: The next mix (Vol. 24) is now completed and posted. It can be found here: This was created for promotional purposes (for the artists) and for enjoyment only. I do not monetize any of the mixes that I upload. No profit has ever been made from this channel. If any ads do appear, they are added by YouTube via automatic request of the artist and/or label. Please understand that I have no control over when or how an ad may be displayed in those cases.

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