Various Artists - Chillout Lounge Downtempo Del Mar Mix (3 Hours)

* Video cover image is from content contributor's travel around the world. @dingie Instagram: * Join Chillout Music Discord: ➤ Like or Share :) Come chill in our virtual DJ room - 🎵tracklist 00:00 In Credo - Siesta del sol (Laid Back Summer Cut) 04:56 Kosta Rodrigez - Gale in the Waterglass (My Love) [Anthony Island Remix] [feat. Amy] 09:38 Good Chillaz - No Motion (Jazz Relax Mix) 15:31 Cafe Americaine - Solitude charmante 19:49 Airstream - C U Again (Chill 2 Step Mix) 26:55 Skysurfer - Circling Elements (Down By the Sea Mix) [feat. Lovay] 32:05 Noise Boyz - Declaration of Love (Piano Mix) [feat. lo Vita] 37:15 The Man Behind C. - Como Aire Cristalino (Latin Mix) 43:39 San Martino - Es cavalett (Piano Dream Mix) 49:23 Cafe Americaine - Beachcruiser (Del Mar Mix) 53:31 Jazz Connection - Tranquility Station (Smooth Evening Cut) 58:01 The S.G.S.Project - De la tierra (Daydream Mix) [feat. J.T.A.] 01:03:38 Kid Coconutz - Needed Moonlight (Bossa Groove Cut) 01:09:46 Orange Music - Take Me 2 the Sea (Floating Voice Mix) [feat. Mirjam] 01:16:42 Chillwalker - A Dream Comes True (Red Horizon Mix) 01:21:53 Green Lemon - 11 o'clock (Pure Beach Cut) [feat. Magica Fe] 01:27:39 Frank Borell - Landpartie (Meditation Mix) 01:35:22 Silent Voices - Time of Passion (Guitar Mix) 01:41:18 Good Chillaz - Stoned Love (Jazzomatic Mix) 01:46:37 Cálido - El calor (Patrick Marsh Chill Out Mix) 01:52:17 Floating Clouds - Sun and Water (Long Cut) 01:58:20 Jazz Connection - Passing Dolphins (Cool Sax Mix) 02:02:55 Skysurfer - Eclipse of the Sun (Dreamwaver Mix) 02:07:51 Cafe Americaine - Bring Back Silence (Cool and Lazy Afternoon Cut) 02:12:39 Deeparture - Particular (Piano Sea Chill Session) 02:18:18 Jason Tyrello - What the Memories Say (Sunfade Mix) 02:23:59 Kid Coconutz - She Contemplates the Beach (Dreams and Sax Mix) 02:30:00 Dreamscape - Come to the Sea (Original Mix) 02:34:51 Bay Area - San Francisco Sun (Chinatown Mix) 02:39:46 Emotional - So Free (Vocalchill Mix) 02:45:12 Chillwalker - Homeless (Mykonos Beach Cut) 02:50:31 Jason Tyrello - When da Sun Is Gone (Relaxation Mix) 02:57:43 Cocogroove - Blue Tenerife (Waveglider Mix) •••••••• NOTE: If you are the artist / label of the song and you want your track taken down. Please contact Molly (molly at ♫ Live Chat in our virtual DJ Chillout Rooms ♫ Play history in our Chillout Room on lastfm Enjoy the music! Love & Peace ❤

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