The Second Spirit - Modern Life (Chill Remix) - Chillstep Downtempo Chill Avant Garde Get a free copy here: Spotify Blog Link With Tracking Video and Free Link: Bandcamp: Soundcloud Buy Link: A Lush string, chill step back beat, atmospheric version of the song "Modern Life". After recording the original "Modern Life", I made up a version for acoustic guitar that I could play on the Las Vegas strip busking. Because the original recorded had so much movement with the keyboards and guitars, it was hard to play solo. I come up with some moving suspended chords that could hold the weird sus 2 melody.   I was excited with a new tube mic I bought, I recorded and streamed my new acoustic version on Facebook live with the new mic and acoustic guitar. I came up with a chill step beat to back these live streaming tracks I had. Later on a vacation in California, in the hotel, I wrote the strings section in Ableton Live. They gradually crescendo through the chorus and hit on the 2 beat.   I always loved chill step and am super excited I could remix one of my songs in that style. I hope you like it.

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