SoundLogiK - Make Sure You Do It (Mellow Mix) (Lo-Fi House / Tech House)

SoundLogiK - Make Sure You Do It (Mellow Mix). SoundLogik's first venture in to Lo Fi house techno music production or tech house / deep house. An original production. This new track has distinct analogue tones and worn character for that extra warm nostalgic sensation while listening. Hope you enjoy it. #techhouse #lofi #housemusic Other channels to check out uploading many lo-fi house tracks: EELF Houseum OOUKFunkyOO Slav Moskalus hurfyd A slightly rugged texture creeps out of the speakers as steady paced 4/4 percussion builds into a wonderful display of rough and atmospheric dance music, with subtle layers of delicate melody. The distorted essence makes it seem as if the track is a piece of deep house produced using primitive electronic equipment in a Chicago basement 20 years ago, but it’s not. Of course, house music was lo-fi from the beginning: Some of Chicago house godfather Frankie Knuckles’ first recordings were recorded in a DJ booth onto cassette. And “lo-fi” is hardly a new idea—just think of mid ‘90s lo-fi indie rock, made on cheap TEAC four-track recorders in reaction to the glossy “alternative” sound that had taken over the rock airwaves. Like that music, lo-fi house is futzy sounding rather than fussy sounding—clunky rather than pristine. And although a handful of venues play the music—notably Find Me in the Dark, the night put on by Lobster Theremin label head Jimmy Asquith at London’s Corsica Studios—lo-fi house is largely an internet-based phenomenon. Its adherents congregate around the Strictly Lo-Fi Facebook group, as well as numerous YouTube and SoundCloud clearinghouses. One of 2016’s defining dance tracks, DJ Boring’s “Winona,” is closing in on 600,000 YouTube views (it’s not on Bandcamp, alas) in less than three months. Footage taken in Poland, Zakopane Mountains. Sleeping Giant (śpiący olbrzym) Polish Mountains, Zakopane, Polski.

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