Doja Cat - Trauma
JOY. - Same Place
Tinashe - Days In The West (Drake Cover) (Ekali Remix)
Anuka - Psychedelic Addict (prod. by Pham)
Luke Woodfield - You
Darci - Come Around
Phlux - Nym
OZZIE - Don't Play (feat. THEMXXNLIGHT)
6.AM - This Is It
Louis Mattrs - Oops x Wus Good
aywy. - Naked.
PLAZA - Wanting You
Always Never - Worst
PLAZA - All Mine
Amazing Ambient Space Music Yoga Relaxing Meditation | Universe Space Pictures | Soundscape MIX 2014
Music to fall asleep: Cello at 432 Hz, meditation and relaxation 3 hours
Rendezvous At Two - F*ck Me & Feed Me
Teflon Sega - 22hrs (prod. by OZZIE)
6.AM - Later On
OZZIE - FRZZN (feat. Teflon Sega)
Aaryan Shah - Renegade
Always Never - Millions
Darci - These Nights
JaĀ„en x District - Your Lie
Emilia Ali - Thick Thighs
Always Never - Hopeless
Lolo ZouaiĢˆ - High Highs to Low Lows (prod. by Stelios)
aftertheparty - The Rebound
SATICA - Honey Whiskey